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Statewide Criminal Search

Inquiries is capable of performing statewide searches throughout the United States. Statewide repository searches are not usually as accurate as county level searches as state repositories are used mostly through the state police. The search results will vary from state to state encompassing a variety of offenses and dispositions, dependent on the availability of state supplied information. 


County Criminal Records Check

Inquiries believes in using the most accurate data, providing our clients with nothing but the most accurate and comprehensive data available. This is made possible by our team of researchers who have access every county courthouse in the United States retrieving data as requested. This direct access to courthouses allows Inquiries to use real-time data that is live without taking the chance of missing information that has recently been processed. 

We can assure the use of accurate data in county criminal searches by utilizing more than 4,000 researchers. Researchers will go directly into the courthouse and/or courthouse system and pull the pertinent information regarding a prospective employee. 


Social Security Number Trace

Inquiries will provide information regarding Social Security Number Trace of prospective employees. We have the capabilities of providing clients with a Social Security Number Trace on prospective employees, which will include the year and the state the social security number was issued and will indicate if the social security number belongs to a person who has deceased. Our social security number trace also reveals the residences associated with the social security number allowing for more accuracy for criminal search areas. 


State Sex-Offender Search

Inquiries has the ability to perform sexual offender searches throughout the United States. Each state has individual rules and regulations as to the offenses available for search. We will perform a sex offender nationwide search as requested by the client for any individuals specified.

Although each state has different standards, generally sex offenders are required to submit their information for at least 10 years starting at the date of parole or release from custody/hospitals. It is also generally required that offenders submit an address change within 7-10 days of moving.

Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Search

Inquiries has access to motor vehicle reports throughout the United States. These reports will include validation of the applicant’s driver’s license, status, expiration date, and accidents or violations on the applicant’s record.


Consumer Credit Check

Inquiries is a registered Consumer Reporting Agency, giving us access to the major credit bureaus. This access allows Inquiries to pass on information to clients from the source. 


Federal Criminal Searches

Inquiries has access to Federal District Courts throughout the United States. Each Federal District within a state handles federal offenses which occur in the counties that fall within the particular district. Examples of cases which can be found in a Federal District Court include crimes in which Federal Law Enforcement is involved, such as the FBI and ATF.  


Education Check/Verification

Inquiries will provide any information regarding the education of prospective employees. Information is acquired directly through the school or from a third party source when schools adopt a policy to outsource this information regarding students.  


Employment Check/Verification

Inquiries will provide accurate and complete information regarding the employment history of prospective employees. Inquiries will initially perform a reverse directory service, and contact the human resource department to retrieve any and all information available.


Medicaid Sanction Search

Inquiries will conduct a search of the healthcare sanctions list to include the Health and Human Services as well as the Office of Inspector General. Inquiries currently has a strong background in working with companies and agencies dealing with children and the elderly with a strong concentration in the healthcare industry.


Workers Compensation Check

Inquiries will verify the information as regulated by the State. Inquiries can generally verify information available such as the status of the date of injury, date employed, maximum medical improvement date, and whether the case is still opened, date of accident, what caused the injury. Inquiries contacts the workers compensation commission for the State when checking someone’s workers compensation history.


International Criminal Investigations

Inquiries handles International searches for clients as it pertains to any type of employment. If a client sets a parameter for a search which includes any International search and that applicant has resided or is residing outside of the United States, Inquiries sends the investigative piece required out to one of our International researchers. If it falls under the scope of the requirements set forth by the client, it is indifferent to Inquiries if the applicant is currently residing within the U.S. or outside.

 Inquiries has access to International criminal records in locations throughout the world. The record keeping in other countries is going to vary from location to location, while turnaround time will also vary depending on the location. Inquiries will do everything within our power to expedite the searches conducted overseas.


Civil Searches

Inquiries will provide civil searches to the client by using our researchers to access the upper and/or lower civil information in the areas requested. Upper level civil searches will include monetary charges generally over $2,500 while Federal Civil searches generally include more than one States involvement, higher monetary claims, or company involvement. This can vary by location as well as by county or Federal district.


Military Record Searches

There are wide ranges of military information that can be provided to the client. The most accurate way to verify Military Records is to have the applicant provide the client with their DD214 form and fill out the SF 180 form. Inquiries will confirm all military records through the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.


INS/SSA Verification (Electronic Eligibility Verification)

The client will be able to go through the Inquiries website to process an electronic employment eligibility verification. This process used to be called the Basic Pilot Program through the Department of Homeland Security. The Electronic Eligibility Verification will run the information through the Department of Homeland Security as well as the Social Security Administration to determine the applicant's work eligibility status in the United States.


National Wanted Person Check

The Nationwide Wants and Warrants search consists of a search for active, extraditable Wants and Warrants issued at the nationwide level. County level Wants and Warrants that have been outstanding for quite some time may be elevated to the nationwide level.

Electronic Eligibility Verification (eVerify)

Uses information reported on an employee's Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) to determine the eligibility of that employee to work in the United States. For most employers, the use of E-Verify is limited to determining the employment eligibility of new hires only.


National Criminal Check

Inquiries offers the “Nationwide” criminal search upon request, although it has a suggested use as a supplemental search. This search encompasses information from throughout the country and houses over 120 million records. This search includes convictions of adults as well as minors who have been charged as adults.


Certificate/Credential/Professional License Verification

As a licensed private investigative agency, Inquiries has access to a wide range verification processes that standard screening companies cannot access. Inquiries takes extra steps to ensure our clients receive the most comprehensive information available. Inquiries will contact the licensing and/or credentialing office to verify applicant was in receipt of the claimed certificate/license.


Personal and Professional Reference Check

Inquiries currently performs reference checks for our clients on both a personal and professional level. These checks will include Inquiries asking a series of questions pertaining to the character of the applicant, the nature of the relationship between the reference and the applicant, and the personal or professional opinions of the reference regarding the applicant.


Government Watch List/Patriot Act Search

Inquiries will provide a search of the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control's (OFAC) "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" (SDN) list. OFAC regulations prohibit transactions with certain persons and organizations listed on the OFAC website as "Terrorists" and "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons," as well as listed embargoed countries and regions.


Drug Screening

Inquiries works with all of Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp to provide drug screening services throughout the country. Inquiries makes it simple for our clients by providing the collection site closest to each of their facilities, providing customized chain of custody forms, and the hours the facilities are open. Our clients then simply disperse the form to the applicant who will take the form to the facility for a strictly regulated drug screen. The screen is tested and analyzed in the lab, and then the results are sent to our Medical Review Officer for a second analysis to alleviate the chance of errors. Our clients generally wait 24 to 48 hours and receive an electronic result with the doctor's signature authenticating the result.


Electronic I-9 Filing

In the ever-changing world, the government has become more focused on employers and ensuring filings are done correctly. Inquiries is able to assist our clients in order to eliminate paperwork with electronic I-9 Filing, a process that also has built in quality control measures to ensure the I-9 is properly filled out. The client will be able to go onto our website, enter the information and file electronically. The information will be checked for correctness and filed with the appropriate agency. If the applicant is on a work visa, our process will monitor the visa and notify the client before the expiration of the visa.













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